True Frankincense--Boswellia sacra seeds--New Harvest


One of the MiniaTree’s signature offerings—True Frankincense.  Plant Lovers and collectors know this plant as the Boswellia sacra, but others know this as Frankincense, the resin of which was one of the three gifts offered by the Magi in the New Testament of the Bible.
These seeds were collected from our own stock and they have gone through the drying cycle. Boswellia sacra seeds are best to germinate in the spring, however, within a controlled environment, they will germinate any time of year.
To germinate the seeds, it is best to use a well-drained soil and set the seeds on top of the soil with some fine top dressing material, like pumice, to cover the seeds. The soil must be kept moist all the time until the seeds germinate. The key to successfully germinating sacra seed is high humidity and high temperature (90 degrees and higher).
Finally, the germination rate of B. sacra seeds is about 10%. Please be aware that due to the erratic nature of the germination rate and varying environmental conditions, we cannot guarantee any rate of success. The difficulty of germination directly reflects the rarity of seed grown plants.  
We are offering the seed in packets of 100 and 500 seeds; however, we are able to provide larger quantities. Please email us if you would like further information about quantities.