Cultivation of Boswellia, Sacred Trees of Frankincense!

Cultivation of Boswellia ---- Sacred Trees of Frankincense
by Jason Eslamieh
7.5" x 9.5" Full Color Book ISBN: 978-0-9828751-1-7 Published by: A Book's Mind
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The Magic of Boswellia and Frankincense! “The Cultivation of Boswellia---Sacred Trees of Frankincense---is a guide to growing, cultivating, exhibiting and extracting the resin of these wondrous plants in an urban agriculture and for personal and commercial use. It gives the reader scientific compilation of original descriptions of the nineteen species in their natural habitats, their historical perspectives, a process for hybridization, uses for holistic medicine, and what the future holds for these magical species of the ancient world. It is a reference book for botanists, growers and collectors with specificity of detailed habitat information and over 200 color photographs that compliment the text and illustrate the diversity of the genus.”
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