Boswellia sp. xTierney

This is one of the two Boswellia hybrids developed by Jason Eslamieh of the Miniatree Garden, as detailed in the article “Creating Perfect Boswellia”, published by the Cactus & Succulent Journal, in the Mar/Apr 2010 issue (Vol. 82, No. 3). 
"Boswellia sp. x Tierney is unique in its morphology; it is self-fertile at F-1 and produces seeds with a germination rate of nearly 80%. Its resin is almost identical to that of Boswellia frereana and produces pink/red flowers. Boswellia sp. JE-Tierney produces leaves with a blend of lavender and green. The lavender starting in the center with the young leaves and gradually progressing to amber and avocado green. The terminal leaflets are somewhat similar to the leaves of Boswellia nana but the entire leaf is pinnate like Boswellia sacra. The surface texture is much smoother than either of the parent plants. It appears that the crinkling and crenate effect of B. sacra was somewhat reduced. The size and structure of the plant as a whole was greatly influenced by the B. nana gene, making the plant short and compact. It is a beautiful container plant, and it seems to like the container as much as being planted in the ground.”
Although this particular plant has already been sold, we will have more available soon, and will list them in our ebay store. The article is available in PDF format by download here.