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Boswellia sacra seeds – True Frankincense SeedsGreat Gift For the Holidays!
Boswellia sacra seeds – True Frankincense Seeds! One of the Miniatree’s signature offerings—100 True Frankincense Seeds! Plant Lovers and collectors know this plant as the Boswellia sacra, but others know this as Frankincense, the resin of which was one of the three gifts offered by the Magi in the New Testament of the Bible. (Please note that Boswellia thurifera is the old name for Boswellia sacra in Australia, still listed as such in the list of importable seeds.) These seeds were collected from our own stock and they have gone through the drying cycle. The accompanying pictures show sacra seed capsules before maturity, inside each pod are four tiny chambers with 3-4 tiny winged seeds, and a picture of a Boswellia sacra seedling. The third and fourth pictures show new Boswellia sacra seedlings just a few weeks after germination. The fifth photo is the front cover of the book, Cultivation of Boswellia...Sacred Trees of Frankincense, written specifically to detail how to grow and propagate all 19 species of Boswellia...see link below to order the book.Boswellia sacra seeds are best to germinate in the spring, however, within a controlled environment, they will germinate any time of year. To germinate the seeds, it is best to use a well-drained soil and set the seeds on top of the soil with some fine top dressing material, like pumice, to cover the seeds. The soil must be kept moist at all times until the seeds germinate. The key to successfully germinating sacra seed is high humidity and high temperature (90 degrees and higher). Finally, the germination rate of Boswellia sacra seeds in cultivation is between 0 to 8%, just as in seeds collected in the natural habitat. Please be aware that due to the erratic nature of the germination rate and varying environmental conditions, we cannot guarantee any rate of success. The difficulty of germination, as well as the fragility of the young seedlings, directly reflects the rarity of seed grown plants. We are now offering the new book, Cultivation of Boswellia...Sacred Trees of Frankincense, by Jason Eslamieh, as a separate listing. 
The Magic of Boswellia and Frankincense! “The Cultivation of Boswellia---Sacred Trees of Frankincense---is a guide to growing, cultivating, exhibiting and extracting the resin of these wondrous plants in an urban agriculture and for personal and commercial use. It gives the reader scientific compilation of original descriptions of the nineteen species in their natural habitats, their historical perspectives, a process for hybridization, uses for holistic medicine, and what the future holds for these magical species of the ancient world. It is a reference book for botanists, growers and collectors with specificity of detailed habitat information and over 200 color photographs that compliment the text and illustrate the diversity of the genus.”
We are offering the seed in packets of 100 and 500 seeds. 100 seeds = $25.00 500 seeds = $100.00 We are happy to discount the shipping charge for Boswellia sacra seeds with any book or plant purchase! Please contact us if you have any other questions. Many thanks for visiting the Miniatree Garden! Please note that Boswellia thurifera is the old name for Boswellia sacra in Australia, still listed as such in the list of importable seeds. While our regular shipping day is Monday, we make every effort to ship orders of seeds as soon as they are received.