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Our plants shown below are just a smattering of what we have available for purchase at our eBay Store. Please just follow the link to see the current items up for sale. Our goal is to update our site and our store as quickly as possible so everyone has a chance to purchase our plants as soon as they become available for sale. We would like to make everyone aware that we ship only within the U.S. Payments are made using PayPal. Our shipping and handling costs are based on the best estimate we can make for individual plants. We have some extraordinary specimens for which we must charge a higher rate. We also appreciate the recent increases in the cost of shipping so that we have reduced our shipping rate wherever possible for smaller plants and lighter weights. Our objective is to pack your plant with the utmost care, and our attention is focused on the protection of the plant. We pack the plants as if we were the customer awaiting the order. Our goal is to ship on Monday afternoons. We ship Priority Mail using the United States Postal Service. We would love to hear from you!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at We also encourage you to contact us if you are looking for something special. We will make every effort to answer you the very same day. We update our ebay store as often as possible. If you would like to be notified, please email us at Thank you for coming to the Miniatree Garden! We hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon!

Boswellia sacra Seeds True Frankincense Arabian Biblical Garden

Boswellia sacra seeds – True Frankincense SeedsGreat Gift For the Holidays!

Boswellia sacra True Frankincense Specimen Biblical Arabian

Boswellia sacra -- specimen size plants in 10" containers to 20" containers with a price range of $350 - $1000, depending on the size and trunk dimensions. These field-grown plants have been trimmed back to 18" height for shipping purposes. 

Boswellia popoviana from the Island of Socotra

Boswellia popoviana, endemic to the Island of Socotra, is one of the 19 species in the Boswellia genus, frequently on auction in our eBay store.   Sold
For further information about all of the Boswellia species, we recommend Cultivation of Boswellia...Sacred Trees of Frankincense by Jason Eslamieh.

Boswellia popoviana

Boswellia popoviana: One of the most desireable Boswellias, Boswellia popoviana Sold

Boswellia elongata

Boswellia elongata, Isle of Socotra---Boswellia elongata, rarely offered, is shown here in a 7” pot, 18” tall, almost 1” trunk width. Sold

Dorstenia sp. (D. lavrani x D. foetida) Hybrid Specimen

Dorstenia sp. lavrani x Dorstenia foetida is shown here in a 7" pot with 6+ arms. The leaves of this hybrid Dorstenia sp. D. lavrani x D. foetida are thick and leathery like a pure Dorstenia lavrani.   SOLD

Dorstenia sp. (D. lavranii x D. crispa) Hybrid Specimen

Dorstenia sp. Lavrani x Dorstenia crispa is shown here in a 7" pot with a 2" caudex and 8+ arms.
Hybrid Dorstenia

Commiphora murraywatsonii

Commiphora murraywatsonii: Somalia field-collected Specimen. Never before Offered Sold

Boswellia sp. xTierney

This is one of the two Boswellia hybrids developed by Jason Eslamieh of the Miniatree Garden, as detailed in the article “Creating Perfect Boswellia”, published by the Cactus & Succulent Journal, in the Mar/Apr 2010 issue (Vol. 82, No. 3). 
"Boswellia sp. x