What is the Garden's position on field collected plants?

With regards to The Miniatree Garden’s position on field collected plants:

We do not import any plants for resale in mass quantities. We are not plant brokers. The plants that are available on our sites are plants that have been in our personal collection for many years. We are in the position of offering some of our collection for sale at this time.

We have always taken the position that these plants need to be protected. We believe that collecting seeds from these species for propagation is vital to their survival. We support growing these species in our private collections and selling them to others who share our love of them and earnest desire to see them prosper. We support ways of sharing our knowledge of them and encouraging others to plant seeds and do rooted cuttings. We have even given them away in an on-going effort to promote their continued propagation.

We thank you for raising this issue so that we can make our position clear to all who visit our website and our ebay store. Please continue to contact us with any other questions or comments.


Patte Lanus

The Miniatree Garden