How do I care for my plant after arrival?

Care of your plants upon arrival: Unwrap them carefully and lay them out in subdued light in a warm, airy place.

Most succulents do best in a well-drained growing medium. Regular potting mix can be used with an equal volume of small gravel or best, pumice. If pumice is not available, pearllite is a good substitute to prevent the potting mix from hardening around the roots. The main requirement is a porous soil that drains quickly. Good drainage is essential: use pots with drainage holes. Since most succulent soil mixes contain little or no nutrients, it is a good idea to fertilize periodically (once or twice a year) after the first year or so. We recommend low nitrogen, water soluble fertilizer at 1/2 the manufacturer's recommended strength, applied only during the plant's growing season.

When potting, have your mix only slightly moist so that when the pot is tapped on the bench, the soil will settle around the roots of the plant. Water in lightly, only enough to insure good root contact, and place in a semi-shady spot for a day or two, gradually moving the plants to a sunnier location. Watch for sunburn on these plants. During the hottest summer months and if you have them in direct sunlight for long hours, you can protect them by using 50% shade cloth around their trunks until they are accustomed to your sunlight intensity.

You will know how often to water based upon your individual growing conditions, greenhouse, patio, or grounded in the garden. These plants love soil that drains quickly. Do not overwater and allow time for the soil to dry between waterings. Bacteria can grow quickly, so do not water during the dormant season.