Frequently Asked Questions

You can email us directly at or you can call us at 480-668-7744. Or you can use the contact form. We do our best to answer promptly, but we appreciate your patience as we generally are in the greenhouses. Email directly is your best option, but please do visit our eBay site for what we are currently offering from the Burseraceae family!

Yes, we do sell Boswellia sacra seeds and Moringa oleifera seeds, and yes, we do ship seeds worldwide. Please email us at for further information or visit our eBay site for quantities and costs. Many thanks!

We promise to ship your plants with the utmost care and attention to their safety and health. This means that there are some orders on which we will offer a discount for the shipping, depending on the plants, their size, weight and whether they can be shipped bare root or if they need to remain in their pots. While we understand the increased postal rates impact all of us, thank you for understanding the first consideration we owe is to the plant for its safe arrival and then to you so that you may enjoy it for a long time to come!

Care of your plants upon arrival: Unwrap them carefully and lay them out in subdued light in a warm, airy place.

Most succulents do best in a well-drained growing medium. Regular potting mix can be used with an equal volume of small gravel or best, pumice. If pumice is not available, pearllite is a good substitute to prevent the potting mix from hardening around the roots. The main requirement is a porous soil that drains quickly. Good drainage is essential: use pots with drainage holes. Since most succulent soil mixes contain little or no nutrients, it is a good idea to fertilize periodically (once or twice a year) after the first year or so. We recommend low nitrogen, water soluble fertilizer at 1/2 the manufacturer's recommended strength, applied only during the plant's growing season.

When potting, have your mix only slightly moist so that when the pot is tapped on the bench, the soil will settle around the roots of the plant. Water in lightly, only enough to insure good root contact, and place in a semi-shady spot for a day or two, gradually moving the plants to a sunnier location. Watch for sunburn on these plants. During the hottest summer months and if you have them in direct sunlight for long hours, you can protect them by using 50% shade cloth around their trunks until they are accustomed to your sunlight intensity.

You will know how often to water based upon your individual growing conditions, greenhouse, patio, or grounded in the garden. These plants love soil that drains quickly. Do not overwater and allow time for the soil to dry between waterings. Bacteria can grow quickly, so do not water during the dormant season.

No overseas sales: Due to the constant changing of international rules and regulations governing the importation/exportation of plant material, we cannot participate in selling our plants internationally.

Most plants are shipped bare root. On occasion we will offer either seedlings or rooted cuttings. These will be shipped in the pot.

As of this time, we only accept PayPal. Special arrangements possibly could be made if you were a local customer who might be interested in picking up your plant.

At this time, we ship only to addresses in the United States. We ship via USPS using Priority Mail. On occasion, we have found it to be equal in cost to ship to some areas using Express Mail. In that case, we always will choose Express to get the plants to you faster. We ship on Mondays, usually midday, and then send tracking numbers via email on Monday night. Priority Mail takes between 2 and 3 days to arrive almost anywhere in the United States. Even Hawaii generally only takes 3 days.

With regards to The Miniatree Garden’s position on field collected plants:

We do not import any plants for resale in mass quantities. We are not plant brokers. The plants that are available on our sites are plants that have been in our personal collection for many years. We are in the position of offering some of our collection for sale at this time.

We have always taken the position that these plants need to be protected. We believe that collecting seeds from these species for propagation is vital to their survival. We support growing these species in our private collections and selling them to others who share our love of them and earnest desire to see them prosper. We support ways of sharing our knowledge of them and encouraging others to plant seeds and do rooted cuttings. We have even given them away in an on-going effort to promote their continued propagation.

We thank you for raising this issue so that we can make our position clear to all who visit our website and our ebay store. Please continue to contact us with any other questions or comments.


Patte Lanus

The Miniatree Garden

The Miniatree Garden is a new nursery dedicated to growing succulents from South Africa, Somalia, Madagascar and other areas. We are located in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area where the weather is perfect for these plants. We feel a distinct responsibility to propagate and protect these marvelous species. While many of you are serious collectors and have known and loved these plants for years, we hope to encourage many new comers to the world of succulents by helping them to establish their own collections. Although we are not open to the public at this time, we hope you will find what you are looking for via our eBay store.

Typically we ship on Monday afternoon. It should take approximately 4-5 days to receive your plant, according to the average shipping time quoted by the United States Postal Service. However, our experience is that Priority Mail generally only takes between 2 and 3 days, depending on the zone. We do our utmost to ship on time and are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail caused by the Postal Service.

We charge a variable rate based on size and weight of the parcel to ship in the continuous United States,but our shipping costs are also inclusive of handling costs and packing materials. We make every effort to keep shipping costs as low as possible, and have reduced the shipping costs for smaller plants and lighter weights. We also make every effort to combine shipping whenever possible for multiple plants shipped to the same address--whenever it is safe to combine the plants. However, there are some plants that require oversize boxes or special handling, and for these plants, we charge additional funds. We list the shipping charge on each plant so that everyone will be informed when a plant cost more for shipping. Please contact us at if you have any questions or simply use the ebay form provided on our site and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in the Miniatree Garden!