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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the MiniaTree Garden to all newcomers and welcome you to the new world of miniature trees! We are extremely excited to introduce our succulent garden and share our ideas about the growth and propagation of these incredible species. We would also like to take a moment here to ask you for your patience as we work out all little details, typographical errors, and other things we might have missed in our desire to offer our plants during this prime growing season! We apologize for any inconvenience you might experience and we thank you in advance for your understanding of the "new kid on the block"! The concept of the minia-tree was born to celebrate the growing and propagating of these very special plants. It is our goal to provide these plants the healthiest environment possible while appreciating their suitability for the bonsai look. We sincerely believe that these species, known to those who grow them as "the survivors" because of their incredible tenacity in the wild, need to be propagated and protected. We believe that it lies in all of our responsibility to educate as many as possible about the importance of protecting these species for the future, considering how little we know about their possible benefits to humanity. We also do it for the sheer joy of watching them grow! The MiniaTree Garden, LLC was formed in 2004 when property was found and purchased in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. Master planning the site was the first step. After extensive renovations to the existing 1930's structure, the headhouse also had plenty of office space. The next step was to build a 24' X 48" greenhouse, and then we added outside planting beds. Shade structures and irrigation finished these four beds. We added just the right mix of soil, mulch and decomposed granite for perfect drainage in an environment that succulents love! Benches completed the set-up for soil mixing and re-potting new arrivals. The final step was a lean-to greenhouse right next to the headhouse for propagation and rooted cuttings. We were ready to move our collections into their new home! We hope to have our newsletter --The Minia-Tree--in production soon and welcome those of you who would like to sign up to receive it. Simply send us an email to: theminiatreegarden@yahoo.com and we will add you to our list. We also welcome you to peruse our available plants for purchase via our ebay store. Thank you for visiting today and we hope you will come back often!

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Contents will be updated soon! In the meantime, contact us at theminiatreegarden@yahoo.com or visit our gallery page for our latest additions! Please remember to visit our eBay store to peruse our plants for sale now. We are offering lots of Euphorbias, Commiphoras, Dorestenias and Pachypodiums to add to your collection! We do specialize in the propagation and growth of Burseras and Commiphoras, so even if we do not have what you looking for today, please drop us a line or plan to come back for a visit often! Thank you for visiting the MiniaTree Garden today!